Franciosi Fitness Performance Co. - Keeping bodies of all ages active and healthy for a lifetime....we provide 'quality' on-site programming for you!
FFP/DBK trainers & instructors are the most sought after personal trainers in Hamilton County.  No matter your goal, we have a trainer/instructor that can help you reach for it.
Our trainers have been selected because, they are highly educated with a variety of degrees or certifications.  Each of our personal trainers has been in the fitness industry for at least five years. Health & fitness is a passion for our training staff. Helping you attain your goals is what motivates us to keep working hard.

More important, our trainers have been chosen because they are Motivators. Let's face it, the reason you need personal training is because you have not been able to achieve the results you want and need!   
Motivation and commitment are the keys to a successful fitness program.

Your trainer will motivate you and 
commit to your success!


Trish Franciosi, CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT, Owner
BS Business & Marketing; 
MBA Specialty in Accounting;  
MS Clinical Nutrition and Wellness
"Don't ever let the fear of striking out keep you from getting in the game."
Trish is a nationally certified strength & conditioning specialist, lifestyle/weight management consultant, personal trainer, group fitness trainer/director and presenter.
In 2005 Franciosi stepped up her credentials by completing her MS in Clinical Holistic Nutrition and is a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN).  She has created and implemented a corporate 'Lunch-n-Learn' lecture series for numerous local businesses and continues to be a thriving part of the business in educating corporations. 
Franciosi has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. Her professional experience includes coordinating, leading and developing group fitness programming at Life Time Fitness, Indpls. 
In 2001 Franciosi's programs, class numbers and clients grew triggering her decision to open her business and build on the philosophy of her 2 principles; "Keeping bodies of all ages active and healthy for a lifetime..." and "Preparation off the field dictates your success on the field."
She has trained hundreds of athletes to include; the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, the Ball State University football team, rugby & men's volleyball teams as well as hundreds of local area high school athletes.
Franciosi is known in the industry for her "proven approach to training large groups and her innovative techniques with her simple yet fun delivery". Franciosi has once again been named "One of the Top Personal Trainers in Hamilton County" the past 9 years in a row.
Currently, the Franciosi Fitness Performance / Doodle Bugz Kidz in Action companies work with 400+ clients every week in Indiana and Illinois.
Franciosi is a contribuing writer for several publications as 'Training & Conditioning", IDEA Fit, as well as on the advisory board for the National Commission for Certification Agencies specializing in the areas of health, nutrition, fitness and wellness.
She continues to educate other fitness professionals as a continuing education provider for several organizations around the country.  Franciosi is the mother of 3 daughters and resides in Carmel. 
Christian Booker, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Master Trainer, Franciosi Fitness Performance
Lead Instructor, Doodle Bugz Kidz in Action Co.
MS Exercise Science
"It's 80% Diet and 20% Exercise; not the other way around - you cannot out train a poor diet."
Christian has over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry and has been with Franciosi Fitness for over 10 years.  Currently, Christian assists in overseeing our southside location and it's operation.

Christian's fitness career began in college when  his love of fitness began on the football field and with his team's daily required workouts.  Christian played football all 4 years in college and trained almost daily to maintain his abilities. 
Christian was a nationally ranked fitness competitor from the years 2000 - 2005.  Christian brings our Bloomington and southside area clients his great workouts Monday - Saturday.  Christian has also assisted in many workouts with our NFL and high school athletes.
You can also find "Mr. C" in our after school programs using his years of experience teaching our kids;  Kidz Fitness, All-Sport Kidz, and also works with some of our Yoga-Kidz and Tumble Kidz programs.  Christian resides in Greenwood with his wife and little girl.

Allison Gibbs, BS Exercise Science, CSCS, NSCA
Master Certified Trainer, Franciosi Fitness Performance
Co-Manager, Bloomington
"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."  
  ~ Aristotle 
Allison has been managing our Bloomington staff for over 9 years with Christian.  Is an IU graduate where she spent all 4 years playing volleyball and earning her Bachelor of Exercise Science.

Allison works daily with WebMD patients advising them on health & wellness prescription.  

Allison works with all of our Bloomington groups and programs. She resides in Bloomington new the IU campus with her husband and 2 sons  When Allison is not at work she is probably playing sand volleyball or mountain biking somewhere around Bloomington.
Josie Hurtley, ACE CPT, ACE GF
Master Trainer, Franciosi Fitness Performance
Instructor, Doodle Bugz Kidz in Action Co.
ACE Certified Group Fitness
                                     ACE Certified Personal Trainer
                                 "Food is your fuel not your reward."
Josie has numerous years of experience in the fitness industry all of which have been with Franciosi Fitness.  Josie started with Franciosi Fitness just out of college just as she was beginning her fitness career.  She has since achieved 2 major fitness certifications, and her bachelor's in exercise science.   

Josie has moved to Illinois where she works as our Naperville Manager.   Josie spent nearly 4 years in our Indianapolis market working with a lot of our formats as; small group trainings, athlete training/conditioning, one-on-one personal training, our children's fitness/sport programs all on the southside of Indy.  Josie lives just outside of Naperville with her husband and dog "Weights" and cat "Dumbbell".
David Bronston, CSCS, NSCA, ACE CPT
Master Trainer, Franciosi Fitness Performance
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
"Failure is an option ONLY if you choose it."
Dave has been with Franciosi Fitness for almost 10 years and works primarily in our Greenwood and downtown locations.  He provides a lot of corporate clients on-site programs and trainings.  You may also find Dave at some of our Indianapolis Schools working with our elementary students, athletic teams and athletes.
Dave has a real passion for fitness and continues his own personal fitness with power lifting competitions.  Dave lives in Indy with his wife and son.
Jodi Morgan, BA Purdue University
Master Instructor 
Doodle Bugz Kidz in Action Co.
"To Dance is to Dream..."
"Ms. Jodi" has over 25 years of experience working with children in the artistic areas of dance, musical theater, and creative movement. 
 As a Purdue graduate, Jodi loves to share her passion for all things theatrical.
"Ms. Jodi" has been a leader on our children's division staff for over 8 years.  Jodi works daily in our child care facilities and our elementary after school enrichment programs.
Just as with our adults our children's division encourages 'active and healthy' programming no matter what the children partake in....such as dance, musical theater or creative movement.  All of which Jodi specializes in instructing.  Jodi lives in Indy with her husband and has three children.

Jake York, BS Exercise Science                                 
Trainer, Franciosi FItness Performance
Jake is one of our trainers who is working with a variety of our clients from our children's programs to our adults since he has a vast knowledge background. 
Jake has a a lot of experience training kids in the sport of Parkour and fitness as well.  We are excited to have him as an addition to both our kids and adults fitness staff.

Andrew Souder, MS Kinesiology, IU
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
Sub Trainer, Franciosi Fitness Performance
Andrew earned his Master's in Kinesiology from IU where he spent time working with special populations and volunteering time with the Varsity Strength and Conditioning coaches, which allowed him work with the numerous different teams during his time at IU.  

Andrew's credentials have put him over the top with a great knowledge base to lead great classes, develop athletic programs and conduct phenomenal training for our clients.  

Andrew offers assistance subbing in some of our Noblesville early morning boot camps and a lot of our Volleyball athletic team preseason and inseason conditioning programs SQA.

In his free time Andrew trains and competes in Olympic Weightlifting striving to compete in a National lMeet in the near future.   He is also the assistant wrestling coach at Clay Middle School, where he is also an Instructional Assistant.  Andrew resides in Fishers.  

 Michelle Drake, ISSA-CFT
 NESTA Certified, MMA Strength & Conditioning
 AS in Mortuary Science
 Certified Trainer, Franciosi Fitness Performance
 Certified Massage therapist
                   "Don't Try, DO!"
Like Franciosi, Michelle is one of the only females in a male dominated industry as an MMA referee for both pro & amateur mixed martial arts.  

Michelle has been in the fitness industry for almost 10 years with huge background in martial arts, strength & conditioning and personal training.   

Michelle will provide our clients with great programming to ensure they achieve their overall health, fitness, and wellness goals.  Michelle currently resides in Indianapolis with her youngest daughter and her older daughter is in the Navy.  

You can find Michelle every weekend inside the ring of an MMA fight as a referee.  And most recently Michelle was on the Steve Harvey Show.

Chris Dickover, ACE - CPT                                 
Certified Trainer, Franciosi FItness Performance
"Fear is temporary, Regret is forever."
Chris has always been involved with fitness in one aspect or another starting in high school when he wrestled and played football.  After high school Chris became a firefighter with the Westfield Fire Department where he continued this passion and he continues to train with the firefighters he works with.

Chris has been with Franciosi Fitness for 7 years now and works with a lot of our weight lifting programs and boot camp classes in Noblesville, Carmel and Westfield.  

Chris was asked to be in the 2016 Fireman's fundraising calendar because he is in such great shape!!!  Chris lives in Noblesville.

Nora Schmutte, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Trainer / Instructor Franciosi Fitness Performance
Nora has been with the Franciosi staff for almost 2 years.  She recently completed an additional training in yoga.  When Nora isn't training our 5:00 am 'Rooster Squad' in Noblesville she can be found working at Our Lady of Grace Church in Noblesville.
Nora travels every year with a teacher exchange program to Guatemala.  She also always spends a great deal of time every summer in Colorado.  

Ashley Spaulding, BS Kinesiology
Certified Trainer / Instructor Franciosi Fitness Performance
"Laugh & smile & the world around you becomes a better place."
Ashley has been with Franciosi Fitness for over a year staff but has been working as a fitness consultant for the past 2 years down in Evansville before her move to Westfield.  Ashley has a background in designing programs for clients with different skill sets with varied goals in weight loss, strength gains and overall health.  She has also been involved in colorguard both as a participant and coach for over 5 years now.  Ashley currently resides in Westfield with her boyfriend.
You can find Gina working in a number of our after school programs teaching in the Carmel area.  She specializes in Pilates and Yoga and loves to bring that expertise to the children in our area.  Gina currently lives in Indy with her husband and has 2 daughters in college.

Christine Austin ACE - CPT
Trainer & Instructor, Franciosi Fitness Performance
"Take it one day at a time...."
Christine has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years.  She works with a variety of our classes, you can find her teaching a boot camp or training one on one in the weightroom any given day of the week.  

When Christine isn't training you will find her mountain biking or roller blading in Eagle Creek Park as those are two of her favorite past times.  Christine also serves as an assistant professor in Bloomington working with exercise science students in curriculum development.  

She is married & resides on the northside of Bloomington with her husband and 2 sons.

Jeremy Raymer, BS Kinesiology 
Certified Trainer, Franciosi Fitness Performance
Jeremy is our 5th degree Black Belt on staff in Taekwondo who has been training since he was 7 and is certified by the World Taekwondo Federation. 

Raymer has spent years as a world-class competitor winning national, international and Olympic titles in the sport and remains a certified USA Taekwondo Level 2 coach.

Currently, Raymer is working with our early morning boot camp programs, and evening Noblesville programs he also works as the Wellness Instructional Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Noblesville High School and resides in Fishers with his wife. 

Firouzeh Dittmar, Certified Yoga Trainer
Certified Yoga Trainer & Instructor, Franciosi Fitness Performance
"Life is a journey, bring an open mind..."
Firouzeh was been in the fitness industry for years as a student and then decided to earn her certification to take on the role as a trainer in her favorite discipline of yoga.  

She works with some of our athletic teams working on flexibility. She also teaches a variety of yoga formats throughout the week on the northside.

Firouzeh lives in Noblesville with her husband and children.

Kathy Laugheed,
Assistant Instructor, Doodle Bugz Kidz in Action Co.
"Let the world always be your stage...."
"Ms. Kathy" has been in the musical theater business for over 15 years and works with children for hours each week after school providing some of our extracurricular programming.
Kathy has been with DBK for almost 3 years providing our kids with great 'active' programs.  Kathy currently lives in Arcadia with her husband and numerous pets.

Katherine Gering
Instructor, Doodle Bugz Kidz in Action Co.
Katherine has years of experience working with children's programs.  She has been a summer camp counselor and has experience coaching soccer, instructing tumbling & gymnastics.  Her educational training is in Technical Theater, and she has worked in numerous professional and community theaters, including several children's productions.  

She currently does freelance design work for local theaters.  Katherine has had a lifelong dedication to sports, ranging from water skiing to rugby which she played through college.  Katherine has proven to be a tremendous asset to our children's musical theater team.  

Most recently you might find Katherine backstage doing the makeup for the actors performing in 'Sweeney Todd' at the Carmel Paladium.
Justin Brown
Sub Instructor, Franciosi Fitness Performance
"A minute of the lips creates a lifetime on the hips" - I know I'm a chef!
Justin has been a long time boot camp participant of Franciosi Fitness Performance and recently decided to make a job change.  He was formerly a culinary chef and graduated from the Culinary Institute.  He brings us his great background in cooking and nutrition so we can create healthy recipes and options for our clients and students. 
After years of just being "a part" of fitness programs he has decided he wants "to run" fitness programs such as ours.  Justin has completed his extensive training with our Franciosi Fitness Performance professionals.  He has successfully started leading some of our fitness classes.  

And has passed all of the necessary anatomy testing, functional fitness screening, and has all of the tools he needs to lead the more effective, safe, and energetic classes we provide.

Justin currently serves on our staff as a sub for our programs.  Justin lives in Noblesville with his wife and 2 boys.

Brad Carlisle, ACSM-CPT, BS Applied Exercise & Health
Sub Instructor, Franciosi Fitness Performance
"Your body is like a ball of clay & Personal Trainers are your sculptors."
Brad brings an extensive background and knowledge base. Brad has worked daily training 60+ Purdue students in a variety of class formats as; HIIT, circuit training, muscle develop & conditioning, cardio, dynamic mobility and more.  
Brad has taken on a new challenge with exciting new career that allows him to sit in on surgical procedures with Stryker Medical Supplies

Brad has also received the honor of getting to spend this past May in China training and learning at the Sports University of China.

Brad currently works with Stryker Medical Sales full-time but, will be filling in and helping us out with our SQA Volleyball program at Grand Park..

Gina Faurote, AFAA CPT, AFAA GF, AFAA Yoga/Pilates Certified Trainer / Instructor Franciosi Fitness Performance
Instructor Doodle Bugz Kidz in Action Co.
"Laugh & smile & the world around you becomes a better place."
Gina has over 6 years of experience working in the fitness industry with adults and children.  Her mantra is Get Up and Get Fit, Let's Work it Out!  She got into the industry to help children reduce stress, improve self-esteem and increase strength and energy. 
You can find Gina working in a number of our after school programs teaching in the Carmel area.  She specializes in Pilates and Yoga and loves to bring that expertise to the children in our area.  Gina currently lives in Indy with her husband and has 2 daughters in college.