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"The kids at our school look forward to seeing Ms. Trish every Thursday.  She is definitely the highlight of the week.  Most of our after school enrichment instructors come and go but, Ms. Trish has proven to be a "mainstay" having been here for over 10 years now.  

And the administration and teaching staff all agree that she has proven to be such a positive role model for her students here at Fox Hill Elementary."  Jen Costin, PTO President, Fox Hill Elementary

"Trish has trained my entire family.  She has worked with my son on his speed and strength for high school football and our daughter for her volleyball and track teams.  My husband and I have been working with Trish for over 7 years and wouldn't choose a different person as we have come to trust her overall professional training style.  

My husband has been gone into the past 7 golf seasons 'pain-free' thanks to Trish and we have both lost a combined total of 60 pounds and kept it off for 7 years thanks to Trish and her nutritional expertise and advice.  

Trish knows how to push you in a way that is both motivating and respectful, you walk away feeling great!"  Bruce & Janice Kirkpatrick, (Michael & Lisa), Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, Speed Development clients

"I have always cycled, ran, and worked out, but, I never realized how much I needed 'something more' until I attended Trish's boot camp over a year ago and I'm still hooked today.  My back has never felt better, Trish has really taught me about my core, it's importance as well as how to train it and remain injury-free."  I will forever be a fan and participant.
Dr. Joe Forgey, Long time Boot Camp participant

"Trish and the other trainers from Franciosi Fitness do a great job of designing boot camp classes so that classes rarely repeat themselves.  They also create workouts that lend themselves well to people of all fitness levels being able to adjust the intensity of their workout to maximize their benefits without sacrificing safety.
Trish has put together a terrific team of trainers and created a company that has had a tremendous impact on me and countless others.
Dr. Brian McCarley, Boot Camp participant
"I joined Franciosi Fitness boot camp in February overweight and about to turn 40.  After the 1st week I decided if I was going to hurt this much then I was going to make a total change, and alter my eating habits also.  I didn't have a specific goal in mind, but, thought 25 pounds was a decent and realistic one.
In September (7 months later) I had lost 40 pounds and weigh less now than when I got married, and am in great shape.  I am still in boot camp and have hit almost a year of keeping the weight off. 
I love the mixing up of the training, we don't just run or lift weights.  Trish's inspiration and motivation keeps us all coming back for more.
Trish isn't yelling and making you feel bad about yourself but, she motivates you in a way to want to work harder and reach your goals.  In fact, I've got my sister, my husband and even my mother have all joined one of the Franciosi Fitness boot camp programs, so getting healthy has become a "family affair".
My life has changed immensely in the last 18 months and I owe a lot of that to Trish and her team at Franciosi Fitness"! Sarah Cleverly, Boot Camp participant
"I joined Trish's boot camp program as a 50-year old male, I had tried a lot of diets and different gyms exercising on my own.  The learning to eat correctly was always easier than exercising.  But, I was still looking for something that would be a boost to my exercising that would complement my new eating habits. 
I walked into this boot camp the 1st night as the oldest person there and probably the heaviest and most of out of shape.  It didn't seem to bother anyone but myself,  Once we got started I still felt so out of place, and out of breath after our 1st warmup exercise
But, Trish would not let live with these feelings for long as she modified some of her exercises and routines to fit my abilities (or lack of), I started feeling a lot more confident and comfortable trying to perform the classes.
Honestly, I was quite sore the first 3 weeks and felt myself questionning every night, do I want to go back - I am the oldest one here - I am overweight by a good 80 pounds and I am always the last one to finish any routine.
When others were running to finish a set, I was walking just to get to the finish line.  But, Trish was always there waiting for me, pushing me to do my best, encouraging me on to a mindset where I was actually pushing myself. 
It really started to feel good and that this was really worthwhile.  The pain was my body telling me how much I really needed this.  After class I would make it to the car in pain, out of breath, soaking wet but by the time I got home, I felt great!
From here on out, I couldn't wait for class nights.  I continued to lose weight but more important, there were changes taking place.  My measurements were getting smaller and muscles were actually becoming real muscles.  My medications were cut in half only a few months into the program, my doctor was thoroughly impressed.
Trish not only has an extensive exercise regimen, but she creates an atmosphere for individual challenges for ourselves, the self attitude to push ourselves to do a little more each time. 
Somehow Trish makes each class/session enjoyable and self rewarding.  There are things I would have never thought I could have done but with her program, I am running, pushing weights and my endurance has tripled. 
With Trish's help, I am confident tha by next year, I will reach my goals for a total weight loss of 120 pounds and hope to be able to run 3 miles. 
I would have never been able to say this without her program, her help, her assistance and her commitment to each one of us.  Thank you Trish, I owe you my life!
Chuck Edwards, Boot Camp Participant
“My experience with Trish and her company has really changed me.  I started attending the morning boot camps after seeing one of her other clients lose a lot of weight. 
After being in boot camp for almost a year, I enrolled in Trish's Mini Marathon Training program.  I would not have been able to succeed in that goal without Trish's encouragement and her knowledge of fitness. 
I now have more confidence in my abilities and after completing the mini, I feel I can do anything". Emily Daughetee, Mini Marathon Training and boot camp participant
"Boot camp was great today!  Even in the very early AM, we had great things to do.  As usual, even though the class was outside in the dark, the early weee hours of the morning, and the heat and humidity, we were greeted with a great big 'HELLO' and then we were off for a good warmup. 
Working out at boot camp is great as we challenge each other and encourage each other.  I LOVE what Trish and her assistants do with us and for us at every class.  That is why so many of us keep on attending.  There is a new challenge every class and we love that"! Sue Petry, Mini Marathon Training & Boot Camp Participant
"Trish is an amazing boss and woman!  She is an innovative thinker with the skills and experience that changes her client's lives.  She is also a wonderful model of a woman who has found success on her own terms with hard work, attention to detail, and really understanding what programs to offer the community - all while raising a beautiful family.
And as her employee, the best part is having a boss who creates an atmosphere for her employees to be the best they can while understanding what it's like to juggle the roles of wife and mother too!" Erica Portell, Franciosi Fitness Master Trainer
"I have worked with Trish for almost 10 years now.  She provides our staff with some of the best health/fitness/wellness information.  She is so knowledgeable and gives our employees that extra something they've come to look forward to each time she enters the building.
Our staff loves it when she's here because they know she'll be bringing them a great workout, or a wonderfully educational Lunch & Learn Lecture, an innovative set of health tips customized to our staff and our work environment.
In 10 years, we've never received a bad comment about all the wonderful things Trish provides for us.  She is truly one of kind, there are none like her in her industry and we owe a lot of our weight loss stories, lower pharmaceutical claims and fewer sick days to her." 
Debra Tourek, CEO, Innovative Financial Solutions, Inc.
The level of service at Franciosi Fitness Performance Co. is fantastic. Having been a personal training client for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
Henna Jolstron, Personal Training client of over 13 years
“In this day and age, and with so many gyms, fitness 'studios', personal trainers and strength coaches popping up out there, it’s hard to find a company / trainer a) you can trust, b)  that's been in existence more than 5 years and c) employs an entire staff of college educated, certified and licensed employees.
Trish and Franciosi Fitness Performance Co. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service we have received has been outstanding.  We were confident that she would provide our staff with the best programming in the area.  Keep up the good work!” Suzanne Bowden, CEO FIT Bodies, Inc.
"Franciosi Fitness Performance's children's division - Doodle Bugz Kidz in Action Co. does such a wonderful job with our children. 
Doodle Bugz Kidz has been providing programs in our facility for nearly 10 years now and with much success as kids always look forward to "Doodle Bugz Day" at our school.  Thanks for all your hardwork every week with our kids." Pam Black, Polly Panda Preschool
"Our students LOVE the Doodle Bugz program and it's classes that come to our school.  Not only do the kids love the programs but, so do our teachers (many of their kids are students).
Our parents appreciate the professionalism, organization and great communication, thanks Doodle Bugz for bringing such great classes to our students." Nikki Knott, Primrose School