Franciosi Fitness Performance Co. - Keeping bodies of all ages active and healthy for a lifetime....we provide 'quality' on-site programming for you!
Other Available Options
We have numerous options of on-site training classes and wellness seminars. We offer specialized classes and health seminars created specifically for you or your organization.  We are also available to assist with implementing, running and managing fitness challenges, and team building activities for your organization. 

We realize the complex world of health and wellness in the corporate setting can make it difficult to know how and where to begin with a new program, or where to turn next in an already established program. We offer consultations on program design and modification. *Available upon request.
Franciosi Fitness can also offer personalized Nutrition services to your group through a number of different services. 
Lunch & 
Learn Presentations
Check out our Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learn topics for that one last necessary component to providing your employees or group with a more interactive experience of why you should invest in your employees and in Franciosi Fitness!
Contact us for Lunch & Learn presentation topics as these are updated monthly!